About Us

About Us

Arivukarral, as a Career-development company, we help students/professionals across the country to shape their career interest and will empower them to have a successful career. Launched in 2020, as an ed-tech startup company with the mission of filling the gap between the industry need and the improvisation of student’s skillsets. Arivukarral, stick on to its core principle of boosting the country’s economy by generating more employability and job opportunities.

Why to Choose Arivukarral?

Anyone wants to achieve your dream job opportunities with the improvisation of skillsets can knock our door at any time which is waiting to support you. We challenge you that none will provide this quality learning opportunity with the least pricing amount in this competitive world.  We expect your supportive hand to boost our Indian economy to 3 trillion dollars economy and to glorify everyone’s house with the pursuit of happiness.

What makes us Different?

Arivukarral takes one-step ahead than the rest of the crowd by teaching the conceptual topics only by the relevant industry experts, which accomplishes the company’s vision. Founded by the budding entrepreneurs who had a great work exposure in the ed-tech industry and providing the unique way of improvising individual skillsets.  Most of the ed-tech companies are success in developing the student’s skillsets but failure in shaping their career path. We at arivukarral helps you to achieve your dream career by meeting the industry standard skillset needs.

Meet Our Leaders


Expert in technical concepts. Trained more than 5000+ students and made them crack toughest exams related to coding.


Expert in graphic design and worked for top notch companies. Train the students from basics to advanced and help them improve their skills


Expert in career coaching and hr development. He helps the students to upskill their career to the next level. 

Joseph Varghese

Experienced will modern Web Development and Business Skills helps the students in non-coding web developments skills.

What Our Students Have to Say

Arivukarral helped me in developing my skills in web-developing and also helped me in developing my career to the next level
Web developer
At Arivukarral I learned to improve my career. Now I started my own business with the skills I have learned. I would suggest arivukarral for my friends.